The U. S. Fire Administration has released new fire statistics for Campus fires. Check out the Campus Fire Safety page with graphic presentation of fatal fire causes 2000 to 2015 — plus a great collection of fire prevention materials for web, social media, and print.

FF_CardFall Academy
Join us for a special opportunity to participate in the full academy experience along with Central Illinois Rental Property Professionals (CIRPP). They’re sponsoring this academy and members will be gearing up along side U of I students!
Just click the Academy tab above to start your registration. Registration closes Thursday night!

ExtinguishersJoin us for our Inaugural Fire Factor & New Student Move-In Safety Festival. Fire Factor will be on the Ikenberry Quad, Thursday August 20 from 5:30-9:30.

We’ll have lots of activities, including:

  • Use a real fire extinguisher
  • Learn how to contact emergency services with campus emergency or personal phone
  • Try out the SafeWalks App
  • Identify different alarms and signs
  • Explore careers in fire service
  • Selfies of you and your friends in a fire engine!